Saturday, May 29, 2010


I'm doing city life in a big way this morning. Sitting on my small little 3rd story deck basking in the presence of a mighty God! I can recall being a little unsettled by the comments made by the speaker at a National Day of Prayer event a few weeks ago. In his attempt to encourage prayer for the city of Chicago he made remarks that suggest that God may not be here. We've got problems for sure and those intimately acquainted with those problems don't care to see them listed in black and white. But this morning as I look up in the beautiful blue sky and hear the sounds of the city. The sounds of my garbage can being turned over by someone seeking my thrown away treasures and the other not so pleasant alley noises that compete with the fowls of the air. Nevertheless, I am overwhelmed by the calm, powerful presence of God. No one had to bring Him to the city on a van from the suburbs or Indiana, or in the pamphlets loaded with illustrations of bridges and broken hearts. He was here before my family decided to make the leap to the city. He has been in every major city public housing project in the country and covered every neighborhood in rural areas near the railroad tracks since before they were developed. He will continue to be here after those neighborhoods have been replaced with luxury condos and returned again to public housing projects. Yes, God is here with us! Evident in the tranquility that exists in each of our hearts despite the chaos of city life all around us. I'm getting my praise on this morning because I am seated in the presence of the King! He is taking my requests for decreased violence in my city this summer and a plea for a stop to the cycles of poverty, foolishness, and injustices that perpetuate these things straight to the Father. Fam, I'm on hot this morning praying that I can be utterly consumed with Holy Ghost fire, that it will reign from heaven and consume not just my heart but the heart of the city!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Stayed on Jesus!

I'm back in the Joshua Center today. This morning I'm at the front desk in the midst of all of the action. As I write it's not 9:00AM yet and God has already manifested a miracle. I am amazed as I watch the tears of one woman fall and the praises of several reach the heavens for her answered prayer. She's taking notes while she holds her cell phone. She repeats the amount needed for her security deposit with an unsteady voice but victorious spirit. The second the call is over she breaks into an even higher praise! Minutes later I over hear her in the back telling the other women, "It's hard but anything worth having is worth fighting for...just don't stop fighting!" In the corner I see another woman encouraging a fellow sister in the fight. She tells her, "if you can believe it God will do it." Family-I believe it! More importantly I believe Him! I woke up this morning interceding for my brothers and sisters in Jamaica and with a mind stayed on Jesus! Ain't no telling what He will do for us this day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am my sister's keeper

I'm sitting in a downstairs office in the Joshua Center where 30 women who are homeless reside and about 30 more come daily to access services. The kind of services you and I take for granted. Showers, use of phone, computers, fax machines, etc. This morning I came in early with a mind to accomplish at least three major things. But as the front door of the Joshua Center opens and closes I find myself distracted. Not the regular office distractions. These distractions are disturbing my spirit and interrupting the flow of blood to my heart.
I just overheard the conversation of a caucasion woman, possibly in her late 20's ask if it's ok for her to enter the center now. She says, " I need a shower so bad and my feet...oh my feet hurt. I walked around all night." Right before she knocks at the door I over hear another sister complaining about not being able to find employment. I don't know the specific stories of these particular women but I've been around long enough to know that the differences in race, age and background isn't enough to diminish the commonality that exists in the size of their need. Needs greater than being able to rest your feet or take a hot shower. I'm so thankful we are able to meet those basic needs. And that God heals the body, the spirit and the emotions! He meets the need for companionship and comfort. He helps us to overcome the feelings of desertion and loneliness that accompany those wilderness experiences.

So, after each incident I'm bombarding heaven like never before. Lord, you promised to supply our need according to your riches. Protect, encourage, deliver, guide, save my sister! Just as I feel my heart being ripped up in walks one of my staff. She needs help! She's got several women she has to see today but she can barely stand. She has been sick but was determined to keep her commitment to the sisters on her case load today. I am so moved by her dedication and love for the women we serve. We agree to cover her back and send her back out the door, home to rest. I have never been so thankful for the privilege of prayer. Now my heart is totally broken. We ask God to renew her mind, heal her body and rejuvenate her spirit. It's not 10:00 AM yet but I have totally resolved that today I am my sister's keeper!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Trying to run in my sisters shoes!

This entry is for my sisters. I love the way God uses my girls and other not so profound ways to meet my need. I had the funniest experience this morning that I had to share with you. Autumn is such a little lady and loves to dress up in me and Summer's clothes. This morning at 7:00AM she decided to put on Summer's shoes. She wears Summer's shoes often but this morning she tried to run in them. As she was running to me she took a tumble and rolled over. At first she was startled-but she shed no tears. She got up from the floor and said "Mommie I can't wear my sista's shoes." It was a hilarious but profound moment for me.
There are so many wonderful women in my life that I admire and often want to be like. Of course I know I wouldn't seriously trade anything for my journey now. In dealing with many of my own inadequacies lately I've felt a special need to lay this area before the Lord! This morning I realized through this little experience God was telling me that my life, my experiences, my education or lack thereof are all unique to me and that no matter how I might admire the gifts, skills or talents of other women, I can't run in another sister's shoes. I can't take the gifts of another and use them to finish my race. I can't do what God has called another woman to do. I have my own race and God has shoes that fit only me! Wow...maybe not profound for you but had a major impact on me today! Ladies, you've got what you need to do what God has called you to do and whatever you are lacking He will provide. Now get out of your sisters shoes...they don't fit...walk, glide, no... run in your own shoes-you've got a race to finish!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Reproach-Be gone!

Autumn is officially two and I'm not sure how much difference this will make it what seemed like an already terrible time in our lives. Should I expect more defiance, tantrums, big messes...? Someone reassure me that I will get through this! Celebrating her birthday was just a reminder to me of the awesomeness of Christ. I've been emotionally full all weekend. Partly due to the fact that my mom and sister was in town and I'm always that way when they are visiting. But mostly because Autumn is my "exceedingly above all that I could ask or think" baby. After we found out we were pregnant with Summer, after three years of trying and one year of turning it over to God, we were so grateful to God for hearing and granting the desires of our heart. We didn't think, in fact we were told that we would never have a baby without science. Science is cool but God is all powerful. He proved science still has to marvel at His Work!

I believe the Lord turned back His reproach and opened my womb twice so that my sisters struggling with infertility would be encouraged and He would be glorified! Have you ever had God remove the reproach in an area of your life? Perhaps for you it was the reproach (shame, disgrace) you felt over the divorce. Maybe it was your bankruptcy....singleness....HIV....motherhood out of wedlock, abuse,financial ruin. Whatever your reproach was or is let me encourage you that God can take away the reproach! That doesn't mean the pain of it is gone or the stigma attached to it automatically dissolves. It does mean that He has a way of restoring, granting or fixing your mind and spirit. The reproach of my barrenness was resolved when I stop talking to fertility doctors and ceased my efforts of assistance. Before He opened the womb peace and contentment had already filled my heart. I'm not saying that infertility is wrong. God allows science to progress and much of it can be used by Him to work out His purposes in our lives. It was His will for Cy and I that we sit down and wait on Him! So, as I'm writing I'm thinking it would be wise for me to thank God for every second of Autumn's terrible two's because soon the reproach of this difficult age will be gone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Off The Chain!

I can't even find words to describe the awesome move of God this weekend. Women In Worship 2009 at New Landmark MB Church was wonderful from the food served at the Gala Extravaganza last night to the final point rendered by Dr. Tara Jenkins this morning. I needed something really special from the Lord! A Word that would bring focus and clarity to my situation. A word of peace that would put to rest all of the larger than life themes echoing through the chambers of my mind. I wanted a word that would revive me and give me a little more courage to run on and see what the end would be! Can you say "on time?" The Word brought by the messenger today was not only on time but came in the nick of time. I'm feeling like I can love a little stronger, grow deeper, give more freely and commit more deliberately. I'll have to explain that last one, but not today. Today I'm living in the EXTRA! Those at NLMBC this morning can certainly relate!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Matter of the Heart!

I believe God is moving His people within the Universal Church to live out our faith in a more practical and authentic way than our modern society has witnessed before. There is this sense of community as described in Acts flourishing among local assemblies and in neighborhoods all over the world. As we all purpose in our hearts to be more of what God is desiring we should expect that the adversary will intensify his weapons of attack. I'd like to share a few things I've learned about his ways of attack.
  • He will tempt you to doubt God Word's
  • Overload your schedule so that you're distracted from spiritual things
  • Paralyze you in the Lord's service through sin and guilt
  • Attempt to destroy your usefulness, physically and emotionally
We would profit by remembering no matter how defined or intense Satan's attack, God's plan for your life trumps it!